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The Ultimate Guide to Swimming on Your Period

August 24 2022 | Written by Nadia Ladak (She/Her)

Have you ever gotten into the shower or a bath on your period and were surprised to see that it seemed like your period had stopped? You had a temporary moment of relief, only to have the blood appear again moments after stepping out of your steamy bliss. Although it sometimes may seem like it, your period actually (and unfortunately) doesn’t stop in water! This is why it is very important to still have protection while heading for a swim on your period. Whether you’re curious about leakage protection, whether you can get   UTI from sitting in a wet bathing suit, and more, this is your ultimate guide to vaginal health & swimming!

Does your period stop in water?

Although it may feel like your period has stopped, you still have a period while you’re underwater. That's because the pressure of the water can slow down the outflow of blood. In fact, if you have a light period, this pressure might be enough to even counteract the flow of blood leaving your body. That being said, as soon as you step out your period will start flowing like normal again. This is why it’s important to still have some type of protection to avoid any leakage and discomfort!

Which menstrual products should I use on my period?

When going swimming, internal products like a tampon or menstrual cup are the most effective & practical options. Pads and liners are not designed to be used in water and will just absorb the water around you, meaning they’ll fill up with liquid before absorbing any blood like they’re supposed to. If using internal products is difficult for you, try using a lubricant to make insertion easier. We designed our Marlow tampon lubricant with this in mind. We wanted to make sure that no menstruator is held back from doing the things they love because of their period. If you prefer to not use internal products, there’s also the option of using period swimwear which is designed with built in leakage protection. 

Does sitting in a wet bathing suit cause UTIs or yeast infections?

UTIs are caused when bacteria gets into the bladder. Though bacteria is present in bodies all the time, individuals may do things that increase the chance of bacteria migrating into the bladder. Yeast and bacteria thrive in moist and dark environments such as wet bathing suits. So, while sitting in a wet bathing suit does not directly cause an infection, it isn’t great for your vaginal health as it may increase the spread of bacteria. Therefore, it is best to change soon after you’re done swimming to avoid your chance of developing an infection.

Benefits of Swimming When on Your Period

Low intensity exercise like swimming has been proven to provide relief of menstrual cramps. During exercise, your body releases endorphins which can act as a natural pain killer and improve your wellbeing.


If you want to go swimming on your period, ensure you have appropriate leakage protection, whether that’s cups, lubricated tampons, or period swimwear. The best part? You may get to enjoy temporary relief of some menstrual cramps, plus you get some endorphins! After swimming, ensure to change shortly after to reduce your risk of  developing an infection.