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Marlow Tampons & Lubricant (Bundle & Save)

$20.70 CAD ($17.50 USD) per bundle of tampons & lubricant

The combo that went viral on TikTok.

Experience the bliss of lubricated comfort with our Marlow lubricant and tampon bundle. Plus, save 10% for bundling while you're at it! 1 bundle includes a box of 1 month's supply of tampons (18 tampons) and 1 month's supply of lubricant (30mL).

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1 box of tampons, 1 bottle of lubricant
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3 boxes of tampons, 3 bottles of lubricant
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Canada Canada
I recommend this product

My new go-to period product

I am absolutely in love with these Marlow tampons. I had always avoided tampons due to insertion discomfort and anxiety. Getting my period the day before I left for my Miami trip, made me me wanna reconsider this option. I came across these lubricated tampons and I am so happy that I did. The insertion was so easy and I did not experience any friction and pain. I was able to wear my bathing suits BECAUSE I COULD NOW USE A TAMPON! Highly recommend to any fellow menstruators that experience insertion pain.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Life changer

This product is a complete dream come true. I suffered from vaginal dryness for almost 9 years. I was able to put in a tampon for the first time using the lubricant that came with the bundle. It was effortlessly smooth and not the tiniest bit painful. I can’t thank you enough Marlow!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Amazing product!!!

The product came straight to my door in an aesthetic and compostable package. I loved how easy and painless the insertion process was when I tried the tampons and the lubricant is the perfect missing puzzle piece to the overall tampon experience! This is a must try for any menstruator who not only wants a great product, but also an overall consumer experience and for those who want to support a company that advocates for better sexual education and the empowerment of the period. Bravo Marlow!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Best tampons on the market!

Honestly have never had an easier and more pain-free experience than with these tampons. Previously would never reach for tampons unless necessarily (swimming, etc), but now Marlow has become a go to during my period. Cannot recommend them enough! Also the packaging is super cute and environmentally friendly which is a huge added bonus!

Bec M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Marlow tampon review

I had a great experience using this tampon. I always had trouble using tampons before, but the design and lubricant made the process so much faster and better. A regular tampon would take me like 40 mins to put in but this only took like 1 min so I'd highly recommend it!

Cristina C.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


Even on the driest days, insertion was easy and painless. It really is your average tampon but better. Its so exciting that more inclusive and environmentally mindful options like this exist for people who menstruate!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Everything was great!

Awesome product! Makes the whole process much easier with lubrication. The only thing I wasn’t aware of was that the actual lubricant would be in a separate container from the tampons. For some reason I thought they would be pre-lubricated but that could have been a misunderstanding solely on my part. Overall the packaging is beautiful, the product is comfortable & easy to use, and I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a lubricated tampon experience to come to market! Thank you for all that the Marlow team has done!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

The best thing since sliced bread

I was surprised by how much I loved this product. I've never used a lubricant with a tampon before, but it made a world of difference in my comfort levels when inserting. I also love that there aren't any funky chemicals/dyes in the tampon.

I recommend this product

Easy & Painless

It made insertion very easy and painless.

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Good for those not "wet" days

Tampon insertion is inconsistent usually (depending on how wet/dry my vagina is at the time). This felt like what it feels like to insert a tampon on a “good” (wet) day.