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Erogenous Zones - An Overlooked Goldmine

August 18 2022 | Written by Rheanna Summers (She/Her)

I, like so many others, absolutely love the show Friends. While, admittedly, the show does have its flaws, for me it will always hold a special place in my heart. And when I think of erogenous zones, I think of that one scene in Friends where Monica is explaining to Chandler the 7 different types. Here is a link if you’d like a refresher or even just a good laugh!

You see, erogenous zones can hold the secret to satisfying sex. And in fact, there are nearly 30 different zones across our bodies that are unique to everyone. One erogenous zone may be amazing for one person, but it may be a flop for the next. That’s what makes erogenous zones so cool, because it’s about learning what makes our bodies feel the most pleasurable in order to achieve the best sexual satisfaction. So today, let’s take a moment to give erogenous zones the spotlight that they deserve! And maybe you’ll also learn a thing or two about the multiple different zone locations too. 

Wait what… There Are How Many Erogenous Zones?

Well according to Monica, there are 7 erogenous zones across our bodies. Starting from the head and making our way to our feet, these zones include: 

  1. The lips
  2. The ears
  3. The neck
  4. The nipple area
  5. The butt
  6. The genitals 
  7. The inner thighs 

Generally, erogenous zones are considered to be where major nerve endings are located and ever since the episode of Friends aired back in 1997, there have been many more erogenous zones discovered. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, there are nearly 30 different areas across our bodies that could be considered an erogenous zone now. It is important to note that there are some zones that are specific to those who have vulva’s and to those who have penises. 

For example, common erogenous zones for those who have vulvas could include:

  1. The clitoris
  2. The pubic mound
  3. The A-spot
  4. The G-spot
  5. The cervix

And for people who have penises, their erogenous zones surrounding their genitals could include: 

  1. The glans (tip)
  2. Prostate
  3. Foreskin
  4. Frenulum
  5. Perineum (the area between scrotum and anus)
  6. Testicles/ Scrotum

What makes erogenous zones so fun and interesting is their uniqueness to every person because no two bodies are the same. Besides the obvious spots for erogenous zones, there are quite a few surprising locations too. Let’s take some time now to dive into the various different spots that erogenous zones could be located! 

So once again, starting from the top and making our way down the body, here is a list of those not so obvious (but still great) hot spots. 

  1. Scalp: I think I can speak for most when I say that everyone loves a good head massage. And for some, it could be one of their erogenous zones.
  2. Armpits / inner arm: While this one might be shocking to some, for others it could be a point of pleasure. 
  3. Inner wrist: Given this is where our pulse points are and also a location of many nerve endings, for some the inner wrist could be considered a zone.
  4. Fingertips / palm of hands: Again, another spot where many nerve endings are located. Perhaps starting at the inner wrist and making your way to your palm? Just a thought!
  5. Navel: This erogenous zone could be considered more common given the proximity to the genitals.
  6. The lower back: Similar to a head massage, a back rub (especially focusing on the small of the back) could feel amazing and act as an erogenous zone. 
  7. Behind the knee: Personally, I was surprised by this erogenous zone. But it does make sense because again, there are many nerve endings located here. 
  8. Feet: Foot play is frequently neglected because it is stigmatized and made fun of through various media outlets. That being said, it could be an undiscovered erogenous zone for many! Especially the toes and/or the bottom of the feet. 

Feathers, Ice, and All Things Nice

When it comes to discovering and catering towards erogenous zones, there can be many unique approaches to stimulating them. For example, a simple vibrator could do the trick. But the point of exploration and understanding our bodies is to also dive into different sensations too. Whether that be using feathers to tickle our toes or ice cubes on our abdomens, there are many different ways to stimulate and unlock new erogenous zones. This article here does a great job of going into depth regarding each of the erogenous zones outlined in this blog. The author also provides great suggestions on how to stimulate the different zones, either by yourself or with a partner. 

I think it is also important to note that by discovering our erogenous zones and by making it fun and carefree, it can take the pressure away (no pun intended) from hyper fixating on genitals and orgasming during sexual activity. I came across this article which touches on various ways to explore our bodies with the goal of stimulating erogenous zones. And the more we learn about erogenous zones, the better the pleasure can be.