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The Best Tampons for Vaginismus

Many people don’t talk about how vaginismus (pain with vaginal insertion) can make the simple act of inserting a tampon extremely painful. If you struggle with vaginismus, putting anything in your vagina may not be an option. But for some individuals, smaller products can be more manageable. Here are top tips to inserting tampons if you have vaginismus:

1. Understand the underlying causes of your vaginismus 

It’s important to understand the underlying causes for your vaginismus so that you can best understand how to treat it. If your vaginismus is due to anxiety or trauma, it may be helpful to seek pelvic floor physiotherapy or counselling.

2. Get into a comfortable position and take slow deep breaths 

When inserting a tampon, it’s important to get into a comfortable position. One of our favourites is to keep one leg on the floor and one on a raised surface like the toilet or tub. Before inserting, take slow deep breaths to calm your nervous system and try your best to release the tension in your muscles.

3. Insert the tampon at a 45-degree angle towards your lower back

Many times, tampons are uncomfortable to insert because they’re inserted at the wrong angle. It is ideal to insert tampons at a 45 degree angle with the tampon pointed towards your lower back.

4. Start with a light tampon

When switching from pads to tampons, if you don’t already know your flow, it’s best to start with a light tampon. These tampons are smaller and typically easier to insert making it a more comfortable process.

5. Try using a Lubricant!

To make a tampon easier to insert, try using a lubricant! This makes the process a lot smoother as the lubricant helps the tampon glide in. At Marlow, we’ve created an easy glide tampon lubricant designed specifically for tampons. Our bottle has a cross slit valve at the top allowing you to evenly coat your tampon with just one dip. It’s travel size and completely safe to use! Check out why thousands of people have been swapping their period products for our lubricated tampons.

Wrap Up

If you have vaginismus and are looking to try tampons, try following these tips to make your insertion experience a bit smoother.