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The Best Tampons for Light Flows

Do you have an extremely light flow? If so, it can sometimes feel like sandpaper when you try to insert a tampon. Our blood acts as a natural lubricant when inserting a tampon but if you have a lighter flow, you may lack some of this natural lubrication. 

What are the causes of a light flow?

While fluctuations in your flow are normal, sometimes a light flow can be the signal that something else is happening. Here are the top reasons why your flow may be light:

  • Stress
  • Birth control
  • Hormone changes
  • Post pregnancy
  • Approaching menopause

We dive deeper into each of these reasons in our blog: 5 Reasons Why Your Flow is Lighter.

For all the light flow girlies, we feel you and that’s why we created marlow! If you still want to use a tampon on a lighter flow, here’s what we recommend.

Use a Light Size Tampon

First of all, light size tampons are extremely hard to find especially in-store. But light size tampons are the smallest size you can find and for those with a light flow, are usually easiest to insert. Our light tampons at marlow are our most popular size. They’re made from 100% organic cotton so that you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Check out our marlow light tampons.

Use an applicator tampon

Some individuals find using an applicator-style tampon easier, especially one with a rounder tip. The applicator helps to gently guide the tampon into your vagina. Many people don’t like to use applicator tampons for environmentally sustainability reasons but marlow’s 100% organic cotton tampons are actually made with a bio-based material derived from sugarcane so that you can still have the ease of an applicator without sacrificing sustainability! 

Try using a lubricant!

If you lack natural lubrication, it may help to use a lubricant to make it easier to insert a tampon. We designed the marlow easy glide tampon lubricant (that can be paired with our light tampons!) for this exact reason. Our bottle is travel friendly and super easy to toss in your bag.

Wrap Up

So if you have a light flow or have recently experienced changes in your flow, and are struggling to use tampons, try using these tips to make your experience smoother.