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Looking to switch from pads to tampons?

So your vacation is finally coming up and you’re super excited to spend the days at the beach until suddenly, yup, your period came (how convenient!)

You’re a pad girl through and through and have been thinking about trying tampons for a while but now you’re finally ready to take the step. So here’s the step-by step guide to make your tampon experience as smooth as possible:

1. Find a comfortable position for insertion. 

​​There are several ways to position yourself when inserting a tampon, so feel free to play around with different seated/standing positions to see what feels most natural to you. Here are a few popular positions:

  1. Seated: sit on the toilet or a chair with your feet planted on the floor and your knees spread out to either side.
  2. One leg up: stand with one foot on the floor and other on the toilet or a chair with your knee bent. 
  3. Standing: stand upright with a slight bend in your knees, as if you are starting to squat.

We’ve also created a step by step guide to inserting a tampon that you can follow.

2. Start with a light size tampon

When switching from pads to tampons, if you don’t already know your flow, it’s best to start with a light tampon. These tampons are smaller and typically easier to insert making it a more comfortable process.

3. Use an applicator style tampon

Some individuals find using an applicator-style tampon easier, especially one with a rounder top. The applicator helps to gently guide the tampon into your vagina. Many people don’t like to use applicator tampons for environmentally sustainability reasons but marlow’s 100% organic cotton tampons are actually made with a bio-based material derived from sugarcane so that you can feel more confident knowing what you’re putting into your body. In this case, you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for comfort.

4. Try using a lubricant!

To make a tampon easier to insert, try using a lubricant! This makes the process a lot smoother as the lubricant helps the tampon glide in. At Marlow, we’ve created a lubricant designed specifically for tampons. Our bottle has a cross slit valve at the top allowing you to evenly coat your tampon with just one dip. It’s travel size and completely safe to use! Check out why thousands of people have been swapping their period products for our lubricated tampons.

5. Ensure the tampon is deep enough!

A tampon should hardly be noticeable once inserted. After it is inserted, try walking around a bit to test its position. If you can feel the tampon, it may not be inserted deep enough. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, you can try using your fingers to push it up a little further. If that doesn’t work, or if you’re not comfortable using your fingers, consider removing it and re-inserting a new tampon. If you’ve tried a few times and are in any considerable pain or discomfort, stop using tampons and speak to your doctor about what you’re experiencing. You can also check out our blog 5 Reasons Why Your Tampon May Hurt.

Wrap Up

So if you’re looking to make the switch from pads to tampons, make sure to follow these tips for a smoother experience. Marlow’s easy glide lubricated tampons might be a great place to start!