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New to using tampons?

And do your thoughts look a
little something like this?

Am I putting in my tampon right?
Is it supposed to feel this way?
Should I even be using tampons?
Wait, I skipped a period, is that normal?
And why is my blood brown?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

Only difference is,
now marlow's got your back 💚

Hey, that's us!

The team behind marlow!

We’re here to make the whole experience around your period comfortable - from the products you use, to the conversations you have. Just like your physical health and mental health are important, so is your menstrual and sexual health!

So, keep scrolling to see all the resources we have!

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Tip: if you want help asking your parents for product, send them the page linked below.

Want an intro to all things sex ed while you're at it?

From understanding your anatomy, how to be safe during hookups, self-confidence, understanding pleasure and more, we put it all together in one ultimate guide.

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