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Have you heard
of Marlow?

Hi, we’re Marlow! 

Inspired by our own difficulties using
tampons as kids through swimming
lessons, sports activities, and light
and heavy flow days, we decided to
create a product that would make
tampons easier to use. 

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, a lubricant for tampons? Why? 🧐
Yes, we made this lubricant to help with inserting tampons! When you are new to using tampons, it can be scary and your muscles can tense up a lot. This can create friction & discomfort when inserting. The lubricant helps to create a smoother experience during those moments. Plus if you have a light flow, it can help make the process even more comfortable!

Why tampons?
There are so many period product options, such as tampons, pads, period underwear, and menstrual cups. Each have their own benefits! Tampons can be a great option for individuals who are active, who have a heavier flow, or simply find other period products uncomfortable to wear.

Are you sure this is safe? 😮
Many gynecologists recommend using lubricant to insert a tampon. At Marlow, we collaborated with these medical professionals when designing our product. We also partnered with a research lab to test the safety of using our product.

And it doesn’t affect the absorbency of the tampon? 😧
Nope! The lubricant is applied to the applicator which prevents it from seeping into the cotton and affecting the absorbency of the tampon. Instead, it sits on the applicator and reduces friction when inserting.

What are in the tampons & lubricant? How do I get them?
Our tampons are 100% organic cotton, within a plant-based applicator. Our lubricant is water-based, pH balanced, and free of any irritants. To read more about our ingredients, visit the Our Standard page and the product pages to learn more!

Why was Marlow created, and who was a part of it?

Marlow was created by 4 female founders – Kiara, Nadia, Simone & Harit. What started as a group of friends conversing about our periods and our dissatisfaction with current products turned into a mission to create innovative, sustainble products while breaking down stigma!

"It's the first time I've been able to wear tampons comfortably... I would recommend this to anyone."

- Megan

"Even on the lightest days, insertion was easy and painless. It really is your average tampon but better."

- Cristina

"Honestly have never had an easier and more pain-free experience than with these tampons."

- Izzy

Our Blog

From the ultimate guide to your first period, to how periods affect your skin and what the colour of your blood means - if you want to learn about the basics of menstruation, we've got you covered.