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It's time to change "the talk".

Ever noticed a new period symptom, only to wonder… is this normal? Should I be concerned? Did you have a safe space to turn to for answers? Or a reliable, quick source for information?

No? Well, you’re not the only one. As menstruators ourselves, we know how ridiculous it is that menstrual and sexual health are steeped in whispers and misinformation. From subpar sex education to stigma and taboos, it’s no wonder so many of us are left in the dark!

Why do I get diarrhea on my period?

Why do I get diarrhea on my period?

Have you ever wondered why your stomach is thrown into complete disarray, teetering between bouts of severe constipation and sudden diarrhea? Keep reading to find out!
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5 ways to prepare your kid for their first period

5 ways to prepare your kid for their first period

Preparing your kid for their first period may seem like a scary task. But it doesn’t have to be! Let us help.
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Why won't my tampon go in?

Why won't my tampon go in?

Do you ever feel like your tampon is hitting a wall? Here are the top three reasons why you might not be able to get a tampon in.
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We believe that knowledge is power, and that prioritizing your menstrual and sexual health is just as important as your physical and mental health. So, we decided to create a safe and welcoming space where we can learn together.

Let's put an end to "putting up with it."

Got intense period cramps? Pain or discomfort when inserting tampons? Confusing mood changes around your period? Ever experienced something like this and thought to yourself - well, that’s just how it is!

We’re here to show you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our first product, lubricant and tampons designed to be used together, was driven by the fact that so many individuals have experienced pain or discomfort when inserting tampons. Instead of hacking the problem at home with DIY solutions, or simply ignoring our pain, we decided that we deserved better. Whether you have a light flow, vaginal dryness, anxiety, a medical condition like vaginismus, or you just find tampons straight up uncomfortable to use, you still deserve the freedom that tampons provide.

So whether you’re going for a swim, headed to a work-out, or just want more comfort, we never want you to be held back by your period products.

We're here to make
the uncomfortable,

From the conversations you start to the products you use, we're committed to making the uncomfortable, comfortable.

What started out as a conversation among four friends turned into a mission to transform the way we experience periods. We’re here to bring you refreshing, shame-free, and inclusive conversations and products.


Meet Simone, Kiara, Nadia and Harit! We are a group of unconventional thinkers, ambitious dreamers, and outdoor lovers, working together to transform the way we all experience menstrual health.

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