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"No matter what I tried, tampons would always be uncomfortable and leave me sore.

With marlow, I've finally found a tampon I can comfortably insert and wear!"

-Abbey S.

Abbey uses Marlow Lubricant & Tampons

How It Works:

The Marlow lubricant bottle is designed to perfectly coat your tampon in lubricant with one quick, mess-free dip.


Extend the inner tube

Gently pull out the inner tube of the applicator until you feel it click into place.


Dip the tampon

Dip your marlow tampon into the bottle of lubricant once and remove.


Smooth sailing

Insert your tampon as usual - but now, way
more comfortably
than ever before!

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Maggie M.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I have never been able to use tampons. I’ve tried over and over again but I just kept hitting a wall. These have changed that! I have no problems and I’m amazed at how easy it is to use!

Emma M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

So comfortable and easy for me to insert !!!

I had just about given up on ever being able to use tampons when my mother suggested I try Marlow Lights with Lubricant. Prior to trying Marlow tampons I had tried several types of slender tampons and insertion positions with no luck. But, with Marlow tampons, it was so easy - I used the lubricant while seated on the toilet and it was so comfortable. Love you Marlow!

Hannah S.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


I don't love tampons because I find them uncomfortable to insert (especially after the first couple of days) but this has completely fixed that for me. I love that they're organic cotton and a much healthier material!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

The Best!

Best service best tampons I’ve ever used! Highly recommend to everyone who menstruates. Game changing.

I recommend this product

Very easy to use

Would recommend this to my girlfriends!

Megan M.
I recommend this product


It was great, I definitely recommend the tampons and lube, it has made putting in tampons much easier and less uncomfortable!

A marlow Customer
I recommend this product

Love this product!

This was my first time using tampons so I knew I wanted to start with this brand specifically because of the lubricant. The product was easy to use, the experience was better than I expected. I’m definitely buying again!

Angella M.
I recommend this product

I Recommend Marlow Tampons To Mothers With Daughters Wanting To Switch To Tampons

My 15-year-old wanted to switch from pads to tampons but we struggled to find a tampon she could insert comfortably. We tried Marlow Light tampons with lubricant and Emma was able to insert them easily. She's been using them for several months and loves them!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Life-Changing For Me!

Thank you so much for allowing me to finally wear tampons, pain-free! I've always been so much more comfortable with pads and have had a fear of using tampons, which has made it harder to do the things I love to do on my period, like swimming. After years of just using pads, I was introduced to Marlow and since it made the insertion process so easy, I'm finally comfortable using tampons. I'd recommend anyone struggling to get comfortable with tampons to try this!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Marlube is life changing

Marlow really is the go-to for people who hate tampons lol I can attest to that! I didn't use a tampon for about 5 years, but knew I had to give them another chance when I found Marlow. The Marlube is a new bff and I can't imagine going back to a time without it. Thank you Marlow team for such seeing us! <3

Abbey S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I've finally found a tampon I can comfortably insert and wear!

I've finally found a tampon I can comfortably insert and wear! I've struggled for years to comfortably use tampons and I've tried them all - cardboard applicators, plastic applicators, no applicator; slims, juniors, teen sizes, lites. No matter what I tried, using tampons would always be uncomfortable for me and leave me feeling sore. But, Marlow Light Tampons with Lubricant are easy and comfortable me to insert with no discomfort at all. They are very comfortable for me to wear and remove as well. I love my Marlow Tampons!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Great Product!

Glad I tried these out - great product and company.

A marlow Customer
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

The best...period

My girlfriend is currently struggling with extremely long periods accompanied by excruciating pain. Traditional tampons made her pain worse, and the not-so-great ingredients were nerve wracking for long-term use. After many many misdiagnosis', she started to lose hope in finding a reason or I decided to give her Marlow products to try as a last resort. With Marlow tampons, she's feeling better and has some peace of mind - they've been her biggest game changer, empowering her to regain her freedom and return to the things she loves. I cannot thank the Marlow team enough - THANK YOU Nadia, Simone, Kiara, and Harit for the incredible work you do every day!!

Cynthia D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Perfect for the sensitive!

I have a connective tissue disorder that makes it extremely hard for me to use normal tampons. I get rashes and blistering 'down there' easily, even with pads. Because of the summer and loving swimming I decided to try out Marlow, I'm so glad that I did! The lube makes it easy to insert without causing issue and doesn't feel like it's drying everything out like salt on a slug. Even my sister, who has a tilted uterus had a lot easier of time wearing these!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Good for those with sensory issues

As an autistic woman with sensory issues I always used to struggle with inserting and removing tampons. I decided to try marlow after hearing about how the lubricant makes insertion more comfortable. It really does, and it was painless to remove as well! I'm so thankful for this product

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Great product!

I really like both the lubricant and tampons. The lubricant truly does help to make it a pleasant experience and tampons have become my go to ever since I found Marlow! Shipping is fast aswell