A smoother tampon experience.

We started Marlow after we
realized that we weren't the
only ones who experienced
discomfort or pain when
inserting a tampon.


You have a light flow, either at the start and end of your period or throughout.

It's your first time using a tampon.

You have a medical condition that makes using tampons difficult, such as vaginismus, vaginal dryness or endometriosis.

Or, you've just never experienced the bliss of smooth insertion when using a lubricated tampon.

We believe everyone deserves to have a smoother tampon experience. That's why we created the first lubricant designed to be used with tampons.


The best thing since sliced bread.

"I was surprised by how much I loved this product. I've never used a lubricant with a tampon before, but it made a world of difference in my comfort levels when inserting. I also love that there aren't any funky chemicals/dyes in the tampon."

- Priya


"I have vaginismus so firstly just so appreciative of the content you post but secondly 10/10 tampon experience. So much smoother than I expected!"

- Neena


"I didn’t realize that putting a tampon in is usually slightly painful because with the lube it felt like nothing."

- Emma



"Even on the driest days, insertion was easy and painless. It really is your average tampon but better. Its so exciting that more inclusive and environmentally mindful options like this exist for people who menstruate!"

- Cristina C.


"I was shocked at how easy it was as in the past sometimes I struggle if my flow is light."

- Erin

How It Works:

The Marlow lubricant is designed with a valve opening and perfectly sized so you can evenly coat your tampon with one quick, mess-free dip.

Our Standard

At Marlow, we're designing
our products with you and
the planet in mind.

Our Story

As menstruators ourselves,
we know how ridiculous it is
that menstruation is steeped
in whispers and misinformation.
We're here to change that.