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5 Reasons Why Thousands Have Swapped Their Old Period Products for Marlow’s Lubricated Tampons

I think we can all agree that periods are a huge pain. So, in a world where it already feels like your period is against you, let’s make sure your products aren’t too.

That’s where marlow comes in - not only are their products 100% organic, with clean and sustainable ingredients (hello better for you and the planet!), but they’re designed to genuinely make your period easier and more pain free.

Their newest product? Drumroll…


(For real, why did it take so long for this to become a thing!?)

So, why's everyone raving about them?

1. DUHH, they're lubricated!?
And tampons = freedom!

Tampons can be AMAZING. Have you ever tried wearing a pad to the pool or with your favourite thong? Yeah, that didn’t really work for us either.

But, hold up, what if you find regular tampons uncomfortable?? In fact, 86% of people do! (Hello light flow, dryness, and medical conditions!)

So, if you’re dreading that sandpaper friction feeling (don’t even get us started on the cardboard applicators), it’s time to try some oh-so-smooth lubricated tampons!!!

2. Ingredients that work with your body, not against it!

TLDR on the tampons: they’re 100% certified organic cotton. That’s literally it. So, you know exactly what you’re getting - no extra additives or irritants!

TLDR on the tampon lubricant: it’s pH balanced to match the naturally acidic pH of our vaginas. It’s also aloe-based, with organic ingredients, and purposely free of any nasties like glycerin, alcohol, fragrance, parabens, and more!

We love a product that loves us back.

3. They’re mess-free and super easy to use!

Forget spitting on your tampon (tldr; that can increase your risk of infection, plus water kind of sucks as a lubricant) or playing arts and crafts in the bathroom stall. With their opening engineered to leave you with the perfect thin layer of lubricant, all it takes is one quick dip to get the smoothest tampon ever!

4. It’s travel friendly! (Catch me taking this on my next trip to Mexico)

The tampon lubricant is super compact, coming in at 40mL per bottle! While this small but mighty container has enough of its pH balanced lubricant to cover you for 2-3 periods, it’s still small enough to fit in your pocket or small purse!

(Although maybe not in those weird tiny Jacquemus ones, iykyk).

5. And last but not least... they’re better for the planet too ✨💚

Not only are their tampons GOTS certified organic cotton, but they also have compostable wrappers and plant-based applicators. Plus, once you’re done with the lubricant you can reuse the bottle for travel purposes, or rinse it out and recycle it!

To add on to this, marlow’s also investing into research and development to continuously minimize the environmental impact of their products - we love to see it! (Is your current period brand doing that…? 👀)