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Ready for your
smoothest period ever?

Embrace your routine without being
held back by your period.

How It Works:

The Marlow lubricant bottle is designed to perfectly coat your tampon in lubricant with one quick, mess-free dip.


Extend the inner tube

Gently pull out the inner tube of the applicator until you feel it click into place.


Dip the tampon

Dip your marlow
tampon into the
bottle of lubricant
once and remove.


Smooth sailing

Insert your tampon as usual - but now, way
more comfortably
than ever before!

"Honestly have never had an easier and more pain free experience than with these tampons."
"I always avoided tampons due to discomfort & anxiety. Now I can wear my bathing suits because I CAN USE A TAMPON!"
"It was so effortlessly smooth and not the tiniest bit painful."

Discover Your Smoothest Period Ever

Marlow tampons and lubricant have been tested together for safety. Marlow's tampons are produced to medical device standards and approved by Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

A doctor told us to
spit on our tampons.

We said no thank you and
started Marlow instead.

Got any burning

Or burning sensations? 😜 Although
your sex-ed may have been sub-par,
we promise our blog isn't.

Your health,
in your hands.

No mystery ingredients,
more sustainable than
the status quo.

The Latest Drip.

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